What should I do in case of loss of a vehicle?
Register a complaint in the nearest police station with all details and relevant documents. Later be in touch with the Police Station and lost and found vehicles page on this Website.

How can I help a woman or child in distress?
Call 100
Call child helpline on 1098
Inform the nearest police station

What should I do if I have to give information about an offence or an accident?
Call 100
Contact nearest police station given on find your police page
Call any of the police officers whose contact information have been given on find your police station page
Go to the nearest police station and inform.

In case of an emergency, what should I do?
Call 100
Click Police Stations/Our Officers menu in the website for telephone numbers of the police officers

Crime FAQ

How do I lodge a NC complaint?
Information about such offences is to be given in a similar manner as explained under F.I.R. The officer in-charge would reduce the complaint in writing (about commission of Non cognizable offence) and give a copy thereof to the complainant free of cost. No police officer can investigate a non-cognizable case unless he obtains prior permission of a Magistrate having power to try such case.

What is meant by a complaint?
Complaint means any allegation made orally or in writing to a Magistrate, with a view to his taking action under the code of criminal procedure (1973), that some person (whether known or unknown), has committed an offense.

What is a Non cognizable offense?
Non cognizable offence means in which a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant.

What is the meaning of the term taking cognizance?
The term taking cognizance has not been defined in Code of Criminal Procedure. When any Magistrate takes cognizance under section 190 (1) (a) Cr.P.C., he must not only have applied his mind to the contents of the petition, but he must have done so for the purpose of proceeding in a particular way as per procedure prescribed in the Cr.P.C., and there after sending the complaint for further enquiry. A magistrate can also order investigations under section 156(3) of Cr.P.C.

What is a cognizable case or what is cognizable offense?
Able case means a case in which a police officer may, in accordance with the First Schedule of Cr.P.C. (1973), or under any other law for the time being in force, arrest without warrant.

How do I lodge F.I.R.?
The informant/ complainant should go to the police station having jurisdiction over the area (where the offence is committed) and report to officer in-charge/ station house officer about commission of a cognizable offence. In case information is given on telephone, the informant / complainant should subsequently go to the police station for registration of F.I.R.

What is an F.I.R?
F.I.R. means First Information Report, made to police, about commission of a cognizable offence, In effect, it amounts to putting law in to motion by giving information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence to an officer in charge of a police station, (which shall be reduced into writing and read over to the informant) and shall be signed by the person giving such information. It is mandatory to give a copy of the first information report (as recorded by police) to the complainant or informant free of cost.


Who is Eligible to apply for PVC/PCC?
All Indian/Foreign Nationals residing in Bangalore Police Commissionarate limits can apply for PVC/PCC.

What are the documents required for PVC/PCC?
The applicants are required to submit at least one of the documents listed below (Minimum One year residential proof)
Original Passport and Xerox Copy of all pages (Mandatory Document for PCC)
Voter ID Card
Gas Connection Card
Aadhar Card
Residential Certificate issued by Tahasildhar
Driving License
Bank Statement (One Year)
Water Bill
Electric City Bill
Ration Card
Original Certificate from employer of the Public limited company
Registered Rental Agreement
Telephone Bill(Landline or postpaid mobile bill)
Three Passport Size Photographs (Mandatory)
Identification Proof

PAN Card
Driving License
Voter ID Card
Date of Birth Proof

SSLC Marks Card
Birth Certificate

How to apply for PVC/PCC?
Fill your personal particulars and submit the application form at the office of the SP Office, Gadag. Companies/Schools/Other Establishments can Submit applications in bulk through one of their employee.

I am an Indian National Staying abroad, How can I get PCC/PVC?
Please refer to “PCC for Indian Nationals Staying Abroad” link Police Clearance Certificate

I am an Foreign National Staying abroad, How can I get PCC/PVC?
Please refer to “PCC for Foreigners Staying in Bangalore” link Police Clearance Certificate

How much time it takes to get PVC/PCC after applying?
21 Working Days (subjected to receipt of police verification reports from the jurisdictional police stations)
Where should I pay chalan?
In Gadag SP office

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